the motionpicturesque is a repository of work by Jack Holmes

Jack is a multidisciplinary designer building worlds for architecture and film 


with a background rooted in architectural design and communication, and six years of experience in cgi and film, I have developed a visuospatial design practice that rotates through various guises as the different industry conventions require:


concept design    visual development    art direction    architectural visualisation    motion graphics   visual effects


working within these disciplines, my practice is driven by a visuospatial intellect that benefits from the technical and social rigour of architecture and the compelling imagery and dramatic sensibilities of film. My approach to projects is alternatively design-led, building worlds of high integrity or visual-led, communicating worlds with engaging imagery.


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I am currently accepting freelance work of all types alongside my part-time position as Lead CGI Artist at Compost Creative, a boutique visual effects studio in London. I have a number projects in development and am on the lookout for like-minded creatives to collaborate with. Please get in touch.